Your Oil Overhaul: 3 Ways To Go From Ick To Slick

Your Oil Overhaul: 3 Ways To Go From Ick To Slick

Is too slick your biggest hair ick? For those grappling with oily hair that (literally) won’t get a grip, we’re here to amplify zhuzh, cleanliness and texture. Consider this your very important reminder to treat hair-wash day as a ritual to luxuriate in (and execute carefully), as opposed to a chore to rush through.

We’ve sanctioned 3 routines to aid in oil reduction and level up your best locks yet no matter how much time you've got. 

Oil Overhaul 1: The Everything Shower 

When: Once a week

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Here's our version of the everything shower to eliminate excess oil flow:

  • Start off with the Miracle Worker Scalp Scrub to remove all that dirt, debris, build-up and revitalise your roots. Your scalp's about to feel a whole lot lighter and bonus: the salt adds a little volume - thank us later.
  • Next up: a double shampoo with The Crown Cleanse, this helps detoxify while nourishing your scalp skin and balancing your biome. Get ready for that ultra-clean feeling sans any stripping
  • Go in with the  Crown Boost Conditioning Treatment to really seal the deal on those ends. Flyaways and frizz? Not here. Our ultra-hydrating treatment is designed to lock in moisture, you'll be running your hands through your mane all day long. 
  • When you're ready to hop out of the shower, wrap up your strands in an ultra-luxe Microfibre Hair Towel - the chic and delicate treatment your hair and scalp deserve. 
  • Finish your Everything Shower off with your skincare routine and don't forget the skin on your scalp - opt for a Crown Fix Scalp Serum to deliver a dose of prebiotic goodness to the scalp, locking in hydration and moisture. 


Oil Overhaul 2: The Power Shower 

When: as needed to extend the life of your hair.

Brand Model Holding Crown Cleanse Shampoo

If time is of the essence, a turbo shower-of-power is your ticket to a strategic scalp refresher. This quicker, yet still effective, method involves two of our key players: enter, The Daily Duo. Balance that biome with a quick double cleanse of the Crown Cleanse Shampoo and tie it all together with our Crown Boost Conditioning Treatment to smoothen and soften strands. Level it up with our  Microfibre Hair Towel to quick-dry those post-wash locks. 


Oil Overhaul 3

When: as needed to extend the life of your hair.


Sleek lazy girl bun 🫶🏼

♬ original sound - Sofia Richie Grainge

Say goodbye to Slick Rick and elevate your crown by incorporating our Crown Fix Scalp Serum on the go - the lactic acid in our lightweight formula helps dissolve and break down excess sebum (AKA oil) while refreshing your roots. 

Or, embrace your glossy texture with a Sofia Richie like bun and opt for a little hair mask with the Crown Boost Conditioning Treatment. You'll have a sleek, slick do while marinating your strands in our ultra-hydrating formula until you're ready to wash out. 

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