What Is A Scalpcial & How Does It Relieve Scalp Stress?

What Is A Scalpcial & How Does It Relieve Scalp Stress?

You've heard of a facial, but have you ever given your crown a scalpcial? Yes it's a thing, according to us. Read on to learn how to give your scalp the same VIP treatment as that cute face of yours. On top of feeling luxe, scalpcials can be key to relieving scalp tension and scalp stress. 

What Is A Stressed Scalp?

Model scrunching face due to scalp stressSigns most commonly associated with a stressed scalp can include: Scalp irritation such as itching, burning, stinging sensation, a general feeling of tension around the scalp or skin that is visibly red and inflamed.

With this in mind, a stressed scalp can either be externally focused and visible in the mirror to obvious changes in the scalp’s condition (such as the presence of dandruff or redness) or internally focused, with the scalp holding heavy feelings of tightness and tension underneath the skin’s surface.

With stress most attributed to scalp concerns it’s important to get to know what is going on behind the scenes.

The Biology Behind A Stressed Scalp

And the problem with an oily scalp? The microbiota (healthy bacteria) in the scalp is thrown off balance and becomes a breeding ground for excess yeast (candida and malassezia) leading to scalp irritation and tension

So how do we hold stress in our scalp? It begins with understanding the physical features that make up the scalp including how the skin and muscles around the crown contract or respond when stressed.

In a nutshell, there is one major muscle connected to the scalp, the temporalis muscle, that runs from behind the ear, around the head and to the back.

When we become stressed throughout the day and start to subconsciously hunch shoulders to ears or clench teeth, this muscle is activated and can become severely strained and tense if not relaxed.

Luckily, you can DIY you own scalpcial at home to reduce and prevent a stressed scalp. 

5 Ways To DIY Your At Home Scalpcial & Soothe A Stressed Scalp 

  1. Start with an exfoliating scalp scrub
    A stressed scalp is most often seen as an inflammation of the hair follicle, which is easy to pick up by reviewing the scalp texture and dry skin throughout the hair and scalp. To remedy this, start with our Miracle Worker Scalp Scrub to gently exfoliate and instantly unclog the hair follicle. Exfoliation also boosts blood circulation while ensuring your next layer of active ingredients will penetrate your scalp barrier.

  2. Double cleanse, detoxify and nourish
    Stress relieving treatments that come with in-built scalp protection and healing support will help. Opt for The Crown Cleanse - as it’s all natural prebiotic powered and anti-dandruff shampoo that works quickly to treat a stiff, stressed scalp while removing toxins and nourishing the biome at the same time.

    Model using The Crown Cleanse

  3. Get physical
    Boost circulation and add in an Exfoliating Scalp Brush and further work in our lux formulas while relieving built up tension.

  4. Lock in moisture
    Next up, use our Head Doctor Conditioning Treatment to flick frizz and flyaways while hydrating your ends.

  5. Protect and supercharge your scalp
    Lastly, protect your scalp-skin barrier with The Crown Fix - it’s a three-in-one product that works to alleviate scalp stress, repair the scalp microbiome and strengthen the surrounding skin’s surface from imbalances.

    With key ingredient lactic acid to remove build up and dead skin cells and Defenscalp™- a plant based ingredient extracted to soothe skin irritation, this serum is potent and ultimately scalp saving.

Shop our full range and DIY your own scalpcial at home.

[words] Sam Bailey & Anna Lowe

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